Technical tree work is not cheap.  It requires expensive equipment, skilled labour and specialised insurance.  I do not believe in cutting corners in these areas.  That said, I believe that my prices are fair and compare favourably with other reputable tree contractors in the area. 

I am happy to provide detailed written quotes on request for comparison.  The price I quote will always be the price I charge, regardless of any unforeseen difficulties.  

I will not "price match" other quotes, but there are often ways of saving money while achieving the same aim which I am happy to discuss.  Examples include leaving the logs stacked on site instead of taking them away, or (for smaller jobs) doing the work at my convenience rather than giving a fixed date and time.

I do not offer price reductions "for cash".

Unfortunately it is not easyto give guide prices as there are so many varying factors, but to give a very rough idea, here are some typical costs and the minimum fees I charge:

  • All tree work: minimum £50
  • Rope access work: minimum £100
  • Stump removal: minimum £50
  • Tree Survey to BS 5837: minimum £100
  • Woodland management plan: minimum £400
  • Remove ¼ tonne of waste: typically £20 - £40 extra
  • Pruning a few small fruit trees: typically £50 - £100
  • Fell a 20ft conifer: typically £100 - £150
  • Re-pollard a lime: typically £150 - £200
  • Supply & plant two 8ft ornamentals: around £200
  • Dismantle a 30ft cherry: around £200
  • Reduce a 15ft high 40ft long hedge: around £200
  • Crown thin a 50ft poplar: around £250
  • Spray 12 plum trees: around £250 (per treatment)
  • Supply & plant a 30ft wildlife hedge: around £300
  • Crown reduce two 40ft beeches: around £500
  • Supply & plant 1,000 natives: around £2,500

For sub-contracting (CHAS registered firms), my rate is £150 - £225 per day (dependant on equipment required) in the Durham area.